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ARE YOU PAYING MORE IN CHILD SUPPORT EACH MONTH THAN YOU CAN AFFORD? Even if your personal circumstances change, you still have to pay child support (this includes if you were incarcerated and owe a lot of back child support). Below are some tips to help you identify child support issues and possible  steps to fix them. 
What are Certificates of Relief and Certificates of Good Conduct? If you have a criminal record, you may be able to get a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Conduct. Certificates are evidence of your rehabilitation. How Can Having a Certificate Help Me? Being granted a certificate may be able to restore certain rights that were lost when you were convicted, such as the right to vote or hold public office.
What is Employment Discrimination in New York State? Employment discrimination is when an employer treats an employee or a job applicant differently because of their membership in a protected class. Under New York State Human Rights Law it is illegal for an employer to discriminate because of any of the following reasons:
Can I be Denied Employment Because I Have a Criminal Record? Under New York State law, it is illegal for an employer to deny a person a job just because of their criminal convictions, unless: The circumstances of the conviction(s)have a direct relationship to the duties and responsibilities of the job. OR
WHAT IS SEALING PURSUANT TO CPL 160.59? Sealing Pursuant to 160.59 refers to the legal process by which, and statute under which, a New York State criminal conviction is sealed. Once a NYS criminal conviction has been sealed it has been made non-public, and you no longer have to disclose its contents when applying for housing, education, and all jobs except for those in law enforcement. HOW DO I BEGIN THE PROCESS OF SEALING MY RECORD?
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