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Watch this video for an overview of our re-entry services at LawNY:… Passcode: #00?Bu^u   You may also be interested in the following legal information articles: Cleaning Up Your Rap Sheet
How do I get a copy of my RAP sheet? There are a few ways you can get a copy of your RAP sheet. The easiest way to get your RAP sheet is to contact your defense attorney. If you were arrested a long time ago, your attorney’s copy may be outdated. To get a current copy of your RAP sheet, you need to send a request to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, also known as DCJS. DCJS is the government agency that creates and maintains New York State RAP Sheets.
How common are mistakes on RAP sheets? RAP sheets often contain mistakes. If you have a copy of your RAP sheet and see one or more mistakes, you can get those mistakes fixed. This article will explain how to fix mistakes on your RAP sheet. Common mistakes on RAP sheets include: