Rochester Location

A photo of outside the Telesca Center for Justice, the building LawNY's Rochester office is located in on the 4th floor.

Serves Monroe County

Address: One West Main Street, 4th Floor Rochester, NY 14614

Phone: 585-325-2520

TDD: 585-325-2547

Fax: 585-325-2559

Office Hours:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Telephone Intake Hours: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Other Office Numbers:

Fair Housing Enforcement Project: 866-671-FAIR

Health Insurance Navigators: 855-250-7748

Independent Consumer Advocacy Network (I-Can): 877-566-0398




Fair Housing:
  • Discrimination in renting

    • Federal Protected Classes: Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Familiar Status, Disability. Additional Categories in NYS: Age, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation

  • Accommodation of disabled individuals (e.g., ramp or therapeutic animal)

  • Evictions

  • Terminations from Rochester Public Housing, Section 8

  • Subsidized housing issues

  • Landlord problems

  • Landlord Disputes (Repairs, Utility Shut-offs by landlord)

Employment Rights and Rights of Persons with Criminal Records:
  • Employment Discrimination

  • Employment Clearance for Background Checks by Public Agencies

  • Certificates of Relief from Disability/ Certificates of Good Conduct

  • Public Benefits denials based on Criminal Record (“Fleeing Felon” and UIB Misconduct)

  • Employment Discrimination based on Criminal Record (Re-entry issues)- All Counties

Public Benefits:
  • Denials, Sanctions, or Discontinuances of Public Assistance, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Child Care benefits, Non Dependent Grantee, HEAP, etc.

  • Denials, Sanctions or Discontinuances of Emergency Placements

  • Representation at Fair Hearings

  • The Nutrition Outreach & Education Program conducts pre-screenings & assists Food Stamp applicants in Monroe County. Call (585) 295-5624.

Health Law (All 14 Counties within LawNY's Service Area):
  • Barriers to enrollment and retention of benefits

  • Denials of health care services

  • Coordination of benefits

  • Access to care for uninsured persons

  • Access to health insurance programs

  • Reduction of medical debt

  • Managed Long-term Care Issue
The Navigator Project:

Assists individuals in applying for Medicaid and health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act. (Monroe and Livingston Counties)

Seniors Legal Services Project:

Click here for additional information for Seniors

Civil legal problems faced by individuals sixty years of age and older including:

  • Power of Attorney/ Advanced Care Directives (Wills)

  • Healthcare issues (including Medicare and Medicaid)

  • Evictions

  • Rights of Nursing Home and Adult Home Residents

  • Social Security Overpayments

  • Public Benefits

  • Simple Wills

  • Debtor/Creditor

The Project may, in certain circumstances, make referrals to private attorneys.

  • Civil legal problems named above faced by veterans and their families.

  • Pull credit report for unhoused individuals to help them with housing


Our Services Change - Call Our Office - 585-325-2520

The only way to be sure about whether we can help you is to call our office. Because our funding is limited, we are always seeking new grants to fund our services to low-income people.  Sometimes, we get new grants that allow us to offer new services. Sometimes, grants end that once paid for us to do special kinds of legal work.


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