FLLC’s Model: Medical-legal partnership (MLP)

What is MLP? MLP Facts: Nationwide

  • Legal services integrated into treatment delivery

  • 294 Medical-Legal Partnerships in 41 states

  • Improves health and well-being for vulnerable populations by meeting legal needs

    • Example featured on PBS: A little boy gets a lifesaving bone marrow transplant for his leukemia, but can’t return home because the house he lives in has cockroaches that threaten his recovery. His doctor refers his family to an MLP lawyer to improve patient health and the hospital’s bottom line.


  • Embeds attorneys at Rochester General Hospital and Alexander Park

  • FLLC attorneys receive referrals from any participating health system

  • Rochester Regional Health has been participating since 2012

  • New York Department of Health designated Health-Related Legal Services Program

  • Attested Partner with DSRIP in the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System


Program Highlights

  • Over $700,000 recovered for Rochester Regional Health since 2012

  • Hundreds of patient-clients served

  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation to fund project expansion beginning 2017



  • On-site intakes and consultations

  • Training for healthcare staff

  • Legal information materials

  • Advise and represent individual patient-clients


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FLLC’s Model: Medical-legal partnership (MLP)

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