Finger Lakes Legal Care


FLLC uses the medical-legal partnership (MLP) model.


What is MLP?

  • Medical-Legal Partnership - Legal Services integrated into treatment delivery 

  • 400+ Medical-Legal Partnerships in 49 states

  • Centralized goal of improving health and well-being for vulnerable populations by meeting legal needs


LawNY MLP: Finger Lakes Legal Care (FLLC)

  • Embeds attorneys at participating practices of health systems. Currently participating with Rochester Regional Health and three clinics of the University of Rochester Medical Center. FLLC has an onsite presence at

    • Unity OB/GYN - St. Mary's

    • Strong Internal Medicine 

    • Highland Family Medicine 

    • Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatric Practice

  • Rochester Regional Health has been participating since 2012, and the University of Rochester Medical Center since 2019.


Program Highlights

  • New York Department of Health (DOH) designated Health-Related Legal Services Program

  • Attested Partner with Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) in the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System

  • Over $1.7 Million total recovered for RRH since October 2012 from the reported effective date for each patient for a period of 3 years.

  • Over 2,800 patient-clients served

  • Continual expansion with dedicated grant funds



  • On-site consultation and intakes

  • Training for healthcare staff and local organizations

  • Legal information materials

  • Advise and represent individual patient-clients 


Questions? Call 585-325-2520 during our business hours and ask to speak with the FLLC Advocate on Call.


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